Management Team

R.J.W Spanjaard

R.J.W Spanjaard
Executive Chairman

Founder of the Spanjaard Group of Companies in 1960, Mr Spanjaard is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.


G.F Cort
Executive Director

Joined our sales staff in 1996. Currently his portfolio includes supervision of international sales and logistics related thereto. Mr Cort is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.


C.K.T Palmer
Executive Director

Has an MSc and MBA from the University of OFS and is currently in charge of all technical matters including research and product development. Mr Palmer is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.


Prof D.P van der Nest
Lead Independent Non-Executive Director

Prof van der Nest is currently head of the Department of Auditing at the Tshwana University of Technology. He is also a member of the institute of Public Finance and Auditing and the Institute of Internal Auditors.


B.L Montgomery
Independent Non-executive Director

Is a stockbroker and was connected with our JSE listing in 1987.


K. Welgemoed
Executive Director

Joined Spanjaard Limited as Manager Operations in July 2015 and was appointed Director Operations in September 2015. Mr Welgemoed is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) and is in charge of the financial administration and operations of the business.


Mrs S. Hari
Independent Non-executive Director

Mrs Hari is an independent consultant who specialises in corporate finance public sector governance support and Social and Ethics committees. Mrs Hari also currently serves on the audit committees of various companies both as Chairperson and member and is also a Member of the Institute of internal Auditors SA and the Institude of Directors of South Africa. Mrs Hari was recently appointed as the member of the Board of Directors and member of the Audit committee of the Gauteng Gambling Board. She also serves as Chairperson of the Social and Ethics committee.