Bicycle Chain & Linkage Spray

A superior blend of waxes and extreme-pressure additives in aerosol form for application to all motorcycle chains.

  • Prolongs chain life by protecting against wear, water and corrosion
  • Penetrates deeply into linkages
  • Adheres strongly to the chain, eliminating fling-off
  • Does not attract dirt



Superior bicycle chain & linkage spray for all bicycles. Contains a soluble molybdenum compound in a special lubricating oil base. It rapidly penetrates deep into chain linkages forming a tough water resistant lubricating film which is resistant to fling-off. Bicycle Chain & Linkage Spray is suitable for standard and “O-ring” type chains.

  • Semi-fluid adherent all purpose lubricant containing soluble molybdenum
  • Penetrates and lubricates chains, linkages and cables
  • Motorcycle chains, window mechanisms, wheel jacks, hinges, electric garage doors slides and chains, home workshop equipment, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, etc


Units per Carton Container Size
24 200ml aerosol



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